About the book

Performing Music Research is a comprehensive guide to research in music performance. It reviews the knowledge and skills needed to critique existing studies in music education, psychology, and performance science, and to design and carry out new investigations.

Methodological approaches are highlighted across the book in ways that help researchers bring precision to their research questions, select methods that are appropriate for addressing their questions, and apply those methods systematically and rigorously.

Each chapter contains a study guide comprising a chapter summary, a list of keywords, and suggestions for further discussion. The book concludes with a resources section, including a glossary and supplementary material to support advanced statistical analysis.

Performing Music Research:
Methods in Music Education, Psychology, and Performance Science

Aaron Williamon
Jane Ginsborg
Rosie Perkins
George Waddell

Published by
Oxford University Press (2021)
ISBN-10 0198714548
ISBN-13 9780198714545

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