Chapter 14

Communication and dissemination

Chapter 14 of Performing Music Research presents the key features of the final written research report. It considers how to get started, the use of appropriate structure and headings, the importance of identifying limitations and further research, and referencing sources. Acknowledging that music researchers need to communicate in many ways, the chapter also introduces four further means of disseminating research: informal and formal feedback to participants; conference proceedings, which form the basis for spoken, poster, and speed presentations at conferences; peer-reviewed published journal articles; and communication with those outside the academic world such as practitioners and policy-makers. It discusses the use of broadcast, print, and social media, emphasizing the need to engage different target audiences creatively.


14.1 Template for a research report (.docx) (.pdf)
14.2 Example abstracts and proceedings papers from the International Symposium on Performance Science (LINK)
14.3 Template for a speed paper (.pptx) (.pdf)
14.4 Template for a poster presentation (.ppt) (.pdf)
14.5 List of major journals in the fields of music education, psychology, and performance science (LINK)
14.6 Template for a peer-reviewed journal article (.docx) (.pdf)


Practice questions

These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 14.

When writing research reports, abstracts should always be drafted first.

Which of these features are not characteristic of good writing?

Report titles should be as short and informative as possible.

Acknowledgements go at the end of dissertations and theses.

What should not be included in the Method section of a report of quantitative research?

When you report qualitative research, justify your __________ and choice of methodological approach.

What would you not include in your (General) Discussion?

The peer review process is typically double-blinded, whereby reviewers are not told who the authors are, and vice versa.

When drafting a script for a spoken presentation you should allow __________ words per minute of speech.

Which of these software packages can be used to manage references?

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