Chapter 12 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 12.

A(n) __________ t-test would be used to examine a difference between the mean performance scores of flautists and trumpeters.

How many distinct groups would a 6x2x2 factorial ANOVA compare?

The Wilcoxon signed-rank test is the nonparametric equivalent of the paired-samples t-test.

Which standard contrast would you use to compare the mean outcome for each individual group (except the first) with the mean of outcomes for all of the groups?

Box's test is used to test the assumption of sphericity when conducting an ANOVA.

A __________ ANOVA would be used to compare means in an experiment combining repeated-measures and between-groups comparisons.

ANCOVA stands for analysis of __________.

Friedman's MANOVA is the nonparametric equivalent of a one-way MANOVA.

Both the Tukey and Scheffé tests should be run alongside any ANOVA with more than two groups.

Which test would be most appropriate to run to examine differences between the mean self-efficacy scores between five groups of guitarists while controlling for years of study (measured as a continuous variable)?

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