Chapter 13 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 13.

A Pearson correlation coefficient can only meaningfully describe linear relationships between variables.
When one variable tends to show higher values that correspond to lower values in a second variable, this is known as a __________.
__________ tau is a nonparametric alternative to the Pearson correlation coefficient that is particularly useful when many scores have tied ranks.
In a regression analysis, predictor variables can be nominal so long as they have more than two groups.
Unstandardized beta measures the extent to which a regression model predicts that the outcome variable will change if the predictor variable increases by one standard deviation.
Where the chi-square test can examine relationships between two categorical variables, __________ analysis can examine relationships between more than two variables.
Cronbach's alpha is a test of ________.
EFA stands for __________ Factor Analysis.
Which test determines the degree to which a third variable accounts for the relationship between two other variables?
There is always one single correct quantitative analytical approach to any given research question and dataset.
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