Chapter 6 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 6.

A focus group interview is so called because it focuses on one area of investigation.
What type of interview would be most appropriate when the interviewer wishes to allow a participant to tell a story in their own words, influenced as little as possible by predetermined questions?
An interview schedule is a document outlining the timeline for an interview study.
__________ interviews make use of a flexible interview schedule that allows for a degree of pre-planning and a degree of spontaneity while carrying out the interview.
A structured interview is an interview in which the interviewer follows a fixed schedule in which the order and wording of the __________ has/have been decided in advance.
What type of interview questions aim to elicit further detail and richness on a particular topic?
In a qualitative interview study, most of the questions should be open questions.
__________ allows the interviewer to test the overall design of the interview schedule, develop their interviewing skills, and to test the proposed interview format.
As a rule of thumb, the interviewer should talk more than the participant.
What kind of interview questions are based on assumptions and/or encourage participants to answer in a certain way, and should be avoided in interview studies?
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