Chapter 7 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 7.

Surveys are an example of a quasi-experimental design.

Where cross-sectional surveys collect data at a particular point in time, _____________ surveys capture data from participants on more than one occasion.

__________ studies often collect data from a very large and specific group of people over an extended people of time.

Whether a student received a fail, pass, or distinction on an examination is an example of __________ data.

This question is asking you for a(n) __________ response.

Dummy coding is used to process continuous data.

A scale from 1 = 'slow' to 10 = 'fast' is an example of a __________ scale.

Existing questionnaires can be adapted for use in different contexts.

A disproportionate amount of research in psychology and the social sciences has been conducted on __________ samples.

Online surveying platforms often have tools that let you employ survey __________, allowing different participants to receive different questions and/or questions in a different order.

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