Chapter 8 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 8.

Two variables that randomly correlate with one another, but have no relationship, are an example of (a) __________.
The best tool for isolating causal relationships is a __________ experiment.
The independent variable is the outcome of the experiment, and the dependent variable is the factor that you change.
A quasi-experiment can be run using a random or a non-random sample.
RCT stands for Randomized __________ Trial.
When a participant's behavior changes because they are being observed, this is known as _____________.
A mixed-design experiment can combine elements of a true experiment, quasi-experiment, and repeated-measures experiment in a single study.
A ______________ experiment examines the experiences of one specific participant.
In a double-blinded experiment, neither the participants or the researchers...
The experimental protocol documents the outcomes of the study and how it unfolded.
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