Chapter 9 Quiz


These questions test your knowledge of the content of Chapter 9.

__________ is the process of recognizing and reporting the role of the researcher.

Transcription of audio data should always be verbatim.

In qualitative analysis, what is the term for a word or short phrase that captures the meaning of a segment of data?

In thematic analysis, coding should always be bottom-up.

In interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), where should the themes be noted?

Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) is typically conducted with smaller samples than those used in thematic analysis.

Qualitative __________ is a qualitative analytical strategy that focuses on producing an overall narrative or holistic account of a set of data.

Grounded theory seeks __________ through the constant comparison between data and themes until new data do not change the developing theory.

Which approach to analysis focuses on language and use of language, which are seen as ways of understanding social functioning?

Content analysis of qualitative data can result in frequency counts.

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